My name is Katie, and I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl, who I like to call Chicken (don’t ask me why cause I have no idea). I am also a wife, full-time museum professional, runner, hunter, and all-around lover of the outdoors. I live in Memphis, Tennessee with my husband Andrew, little Chicken, a golden retriever, named Enid, a black lab, named Pep, and a street kitty, named Professor McGonagall. Together we try to spend our lives outside and activity packed, although there are definitely some lazy Netflix bingeing days mixed in.

FYI, every so often I’ll post affiliate links to Amazon, and if you shop through it I get a little kick back. I figured since I’m already linking to it so you can see the products or books that I’m referring to, I might as well try to make a little change to pay for a couple months of this blog.