Setting Goals for 2018

It’s that time of year again! No, I’m not referring to Christmas. Though it is my favorite holiday! We’ve reached those last couple weeks of the year when it’s time to start planning goals for next year. I am having trouble picking what to focus on in 2018. The main reason is that the biggest goal of 2018 is we are going to try and get pregnant again in the fall. Just writing it makes me nervous. Two kids that’s going to be SO much work! I need to start reading some blogs about moms of multiple kids reaching big goals, pronto!

This is where setting running goals gets tricky. I can obviously set a spring race goal, and I know I’d like to work on my speed over the summer. Maybe get some 5k and 10k PRs. What should that spring race goal be a PR in the marathon or half marathon? Should I plan a goal race for the fall in case my pregnancy goals don’t go as planned? Also, should you plan like you’re not going to be able to get pregnant just so you don’t jinx yourself? I didn’t have trouble getting pregnant with Chicken, but you never know. Every pregnancy is different. Or so I am told.

If I wasn’t planning on trying to get pregnant, I would probably go for a PR in the half this spring, speed train over the summer, and then go for another marathon PR in the fall. So what do I do? Just go about training like I’m not going to get pregnant in 2018 and change my plans if I do, or make my plans to assume all goes as well?

I still have a few weeks to figure it all out. I do have a few other goals for 2018 that can strive for either way. I plan to finally start a daily push-up habit, and hopefully, my new strategy is so easy I won’t’ set myself up for failure. I plan to start with one push-up a day for the first week and increase by one every week for a year. I am going to feel completely silly for a couple weeks, but eventually, I will get up to a respectable number. The goal is not how many I can, but to develop a habit that’s why I’m starting so easy.

I also have a few goals for work, and probably the biggest one that I am most likely to fail at is finally getting us moved into our new house. We moved in last April, and I got us about 3/4 the way there and then stopped. I really want to finish and get to living without boxes tucked everywhere and pictures sitting in and behind furniture. If only I could decide on a wallpaper I like! Ugh! There are so many choices!!!

So here’s to 2018! May it be full of achieved goals and to the ones I fail at may they offer great life lessons!

I will leave you with some wallpaper samples for you to tell how much you hate them!

Top 3 for my dining room and bottom 3 for my downstairs powder room.

Arcadia WallpaperDutch Garden Wallpaper

Garden Buzz Wallpaper

Dog-a-Day Wallpaper

Dog's Life Wallpaper


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