I Might Actually Be Crazy!

This past weekend, Andrew, Chicken, and I spent the weekend camping. It’s no secret that our little family loves camping. We take every chance to spend our weekends outdoors. But don’t let me mislead you, camping with a 1-year-old is no easy feat. It requires a ton of stuff (here is my list of baby camping must-haves), zero sleep (you can from our baby sleeping mistakes here), and a really messy baby, but with all that, it’s still totally worth it! This trip was made a little easier by some extra helping hands. We were joined by my parents, and sister’s family, so we had the benefit of splitting tasks and baby holding.

Our little camping crew. My nephew had such great time on his first big camping trip. 

Although camping is not why I’m crazy, but it did produce the opportunity for my husband to attempt to talk me into doing something crazy, but I’ll get to that later. We are a family that needs to move, and the Village Creek State Park’s great trails are perfect for just that. On Saturday morning after we all enjoyed some delicious breakfast sandwiches my mom made, we strapped on the babies and went for about 5-mile hike. The good thing about hikes that long on easy terrain is you get a chance to talk with almost everyone. At one point during the hike, while Chicken was sleeping on my back, Andrew mentioned that after the St.Jude Marathon, I will have run 3 marathons in 3 different states. He then joked and said maybe you should go for 50 marathons in 50 states. The man should know better than to mention crazy running schemes to me. I’m extremely susceptible!

As crazy as that idea is, it got me thinking, why not? After St.Jude and my 50k, I could easily add in the Mississippi Blues Marathon at the end of January. There’s 4. I’ve had my eye on the Moonlight 50k in Arkansas in June, that’s 5. Then I would only be 5 away for qualifying for a membership to the 50 States Marathon Club (yes, that’s a thing). If I finish all 50, I get a trophy, medal, and finisher singlet. I mean, what won’t I run for free stuff. Seriously I’m not lying, I signed up for the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Marathon instead of the Half Marathon so I could get the finisher jacket. Totally, worth it!

Another bonus to committing to 50 in 50 is it would give Andrew and me an excuse to buy a camper, and we’ve been dreaming of a camper for a while now. We could turn most of the races into family vacations. How cool would it be to be able to show Chicken the United States one race at a time? Oh no, I think I might be talking myself into it! Maybe I should finish the St. Jude and Swamp Stomper first before I fall too deeply into wanderlust.Well, I’m not committing yet, but it sure does sound like a pretty awesome goal!

Does anybody else have dreams of crazy running goals? I’d love to hear them! Maybe you can inspire me to do something even crazier!

It never fails to amaze me how messy she gets while camping! 

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